Celebrated for her "full-throated sound" (The Oregonian) and "demoniac intensity" (Northwest Reverb) Mattie Kaiser is a highly collaborative violist and arts advocate. She was the founder of Classical Revolution PDX, "one of Oregon’s most important classical music institutions" (Oregon Arts Watch). Under Mattie’s direction, Classical Revolution PDX produced more than thirty inventive outreach performances a year in Portland, Oregon.

She currently lives in New York City performing with pianist Aaron Butler in a duo called Sound Narcissist.

Mattie has a B.M. in Viola performance from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she studied with Jodi Levitz. Her true love is chamber music, which she has studied in depth at numerous international music festivals as well as at Stanford and the Meadowmount School of Music.

She holds a certification in Dalcroze Education, a method for teaching rhythmic movement as well as physical and instrumental improvisation, from Carnegie Mellon University.  Mattie currently serves as the President of the New York chapter of the Dalcroze Society of America.  

Kaiser animated the Shostakovich with slashing bow strokes and full-throated sound.
— James McQuillen, The Oregonian
Kaiser rendered fiendishly difficult phrases with demoniac intensity, hammering out triple and quadruple stops with such ferocity that I thought strings might snap.
— Lorin Wilkerson, Northwest Reverb
Regardless of the constant murmurings about “the death of classical music”, people are still inspired by our music on a daily basis because of folks who are doggedly out there, meaningfully engaging their audiences and finding ways to create new ones. They are out there teaming up with like-minded colleagues to keep our music alive and well. People like violist/composer Kenji Bunch, Mattie Kaiser of Classical Revolution PDX in Portland, and Lev Zhurbin in NYC - They are not waiting to be chosen - they created their path instead.
— Jessica Meyer, Journal of the American Viola Society
So who are some of Portland’s noteworthy inventive post-classical musicians? A short list would undoubtedly include important local names like Mattie Kaiser: Classical Revolution PDX proprietress, music educator, and kickass violist with chamber classical and pop groups in town.
— Stephen Marc Beaudoin, From Every Corner
plays magnificently
— Onstage Ottawa