FILMUSIK: Turkish Star Wars

I always love my meetings with Galen "Boy Wonder" Huckins, we'll be sitting in a coffee shop and he'll say something like "what do you think of a collaboration with string quartet and electronica for the film Plan 9 from Outer Space?" and I'll frown in thought and say "yes, that's awesome!" Every production that Galen has put together has been superbly entertaining for everyone involved, but someone how I think Turkish Star Wars will trump them all...

“It’s like if Rocky Horror was shot in Istanbul with a budget of $500 and a Darth Vader helmet.”

Filmusik: Turkish Star Wars Oct 29th, 10pm Hollywood Theatre Tickets $12/$10 students/seniors

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets online or call (503) 281-4215 One-night only, get advance tickets today.

FILMUSIK: Turkish Star Wars from Galen Huckins on Vimeo.