The Wall Street Journal

If anyone would have told me five years ago that an ad I posted on Craigslist would appear in the Wall Street Journal – I would have fallen over laughing. And yet… Alt-Classical Surge Hits the Northwest By BRETT CAMPBELL Portland, Ore.

‘We love classical music. We love playing classical music. We love listening to classical music. We are tired of the elitist and inaccessible nature of the classical world. We believe that there are many that would enjoy classical music if they could access it in a setting that is comfortable for them. We believe classical musicians should be allowed to perform in a setting that is more casual—where the audience is allowed to have a drink, eat a scone, laugh a little, and clap a lot. We believe everyone can enjoy the music that we love.” So began a 2006 posting on Portland’s Craigslist that became the manifesto for Classical Revolution PDX, which today draws on a roster of more than 200 classical musicians for its chamber jams and other performances, including a concert called “Sympathy for the Devil” featuring music associated with you-know-who.

The article goes on to discuss all of vibrant “alt-classical” performing organizations that our fair city has to offer.

I didn’t fall over laughing, but I did jump up and down and scream a bit.