Decomposers' Night - October 27th - Alberta Rose Theater

Photo by Gary Stallsworth

Check out the new NW Previews interview from All Classical FM, talking about Decomposers' Night at The Alberta Rose Theater!

Here is the review of the show by Brett Campbell.

"Violist Mattie Kaiser assumed a stiff zombie pose at the outset of her duet with violinist Lucia Conrad in Camille Saint-Saens’s “Danse Macabre,” creaking her bow across the strings until Conrad got her moving at human speed, and somehow managing to play the piece while maintaining her zombified mien."

"A delightful night of music that few if any other groups could have pulled off with such good-humored panache. Classical Revolution continues to prove that classical music doesn’t have to be stiff and solemn, unless zombies are involved."

"Classical music definitely needs more aerial acrobatic accompaniment." Below is our performance the first movement of Shostakovich’s “String Quartet #3″ accompanied by aerialist Petra Delarocha. (Power outage at 1:48 and nobody drops a beat!)