Dvořák on the streetcar

When you make space, and allow for spontaneity, astonishing occurrences can take place. I spent most of September preparing for and going on an epic adventure in Wales. When I returned home to Portland I realized that I had neglected to program a concert for the Classical Revolution PDX performance on the streetcar as part of the Mobile Music Festival. Instead of being flustered, I went in with delight as this is exactly how CRPDX performances used to feel... always scrambling for a cellist.

I put out a cry for help to the universe (aka facebook) "DSC - desperately seeking cellist!" but no luck.

That is, until I ran smack into Eric Jacobsen from Brooklyn Rider riding his bike down Broadway. We laughed at the coincidence, and he seemed intrigued that we were going to play on the streetcar. "Wait, if I'm able to get you a cello, do you want to play with yes?" "Yeah, but how---" "Give me five minutes."


And what a fun, spontaneous chamber music party we had.

And just for kicks, here's an outtake: