Introducing the Dalcroze Dorks!

I watch a lot of A Show With Ze Frank. The magic about Ze's show is that he has found ways to get his audience to actively connect with him and each other though games that he creates. And even though the show is online, it manages to be inviting, interactive and fun! Dalcroze Eurhythmics could use a little help from Ze Frank...while it's inviting and absolutely delightful once you actually get yourself in a classroom, in general, this form of music education is having a very difficult time creating and maintaining a presence within our 21st century lifestyle.

I bring you... *The Dalcroze Dorks! (*This name is tongue in cheek, please don't be offended. We love Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and our goal is to cheerfully spread the word.)

Gulchin Tarabas and I got together last Friday night to go over some Dalcroze inspired piano improv activities. I showed her some paintings from my iPad, and we went nuts with it.

We'd like to invite you to take part in The Painting Project.

1) Upload a painting. (make it yourself, or find an old favorite. I highly recommend this iPad app called Paper.)

2) Send to a friend. They record an improv based on the painting.

3) Upload the video, and pass it on!

The first piece is based on a painting I made called "View from the Dock" - My favorite moment of this video comes at 58 seconds when I give Gulchin my 'concerned citizen' look... there was definitely a battle taking place of whether this piece was going to be dark and murky, or bright and sunny.



We decided to try Aaron's painting since we wouldn't have the invested interest in the creation of the painting, we could only respond musically to what we were seeing.


What kind of music can you create based on a painting? Try it out yourself!