I ♥ Dalcroze!

"How about Thursday?""Yes, let's all get together Thursday."

"Great, oh look! It's Valentine's Day!"

"Awwwww, I heart Dalcroze."

And thus the Dalcroze dorks found themselves joined by *Dalcroze Joe to celebrate "I heart Dalcroze" day.

Today we revisited a lecture by Stephen Neely about pendulums. Here's where I might start to lose you, so check out this video where he explains how in Eurhythmics we "develop physical models that we hope we can use to parallel the artistic experience."


We played around with the model of a pendulum, and then decided to do a movement and piano improv based on that idea.


And it wouldn't be a complete dalcroze date without doing a little bit of the Painting Project...


And the greatest thing about the internet is that we don't have to be in the same room to interact! Here's a painting made by Aaron Butler in NYC, performed by Jessica Schaeffer in Ukiah, California!

"grass green two loop and dash" by Aaron Butler
"grass green two loop and dash" by Aaron Butler

Happy "I ♥ Dalcroze" day, and here's to many more celebrations to come!


* We've given ourselves nicknames, because we're dorks:

Gulchin Tarabus is... Anna Grusis

Mattie Kaiser is.... Maxent

Joe Klause is.... Dalcroze Joe

Jessica Scaeffer is... Jemiola


Aaron Butler is... The Professor