Success I am wooing

I had a blast mentoring students as part of being the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Project Jumpstart at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music last week. One student, Malcom Cooper, has a talent for crafting poems on the spot based on random words. He wanted to create one for me so I gave him the following guidelines,

Words: Critic, Pigeons, Guidance, Afro

Topic: Transitions

Mood: Ecstatic

Within five minutes he recited my poem....

Moving and hustling In a city so bustling Taking guidance from signposts Gliding on to feel fed

Contentment is cooing but Success I am wooing and Dangerous complacency Going out of my head

With pigeons around me No critics to confound me I look up and above Finding clear skies ahead

Like an Afro on Marley I feel hearty like barley Sitting here as I pause, peer And worries I shed


And all I could do was clap with glee. Oh, hello there NYC!!