Arab Spring in Chicago

"Every person is a potential audience member, every space is a potential venue. With that mentality there are not enough musicians to go around."  Allie Deaver-Petchenik, Classical Revolution Chicago

Allie and I spent most of last week together at IU and gearing up for the Arab Spring concert at Classical Revolution Chicago. Allie is an amazing musician, organizer, and caretaker.  (as I learned while I was trying to die from the stomach flu) Allie organized a concert  featuring the music of young composers and musicians from Egypt and Tunisia who witnessed the revolutionary events known as “The Arab Spring” first hand. I had a blast getting to know "The Egyptians" as we fondly referred to them, Ahmed Hossam El-Din Derbala and Nour Ashour, who were visiting America for the first time.

Here's a video of all of us performing the traditional "Lounga Nahawand" during the Arab Spring concert. I managed to forget that I had stomach flu long enough to stumble up to the stage for a solo, enjoy!

There's nothing that brings strangers together like music, art, and is that a popcorn egg shaker?? Anthony Bruno, Ahmed Hossam El-Din Derbala and Nour Ashour prove that their game for the painting project.

"Untitled" by Mattie Kaiser
"Untitled" by Mattie Kaiser