This week I started my new job as Program & Travel associate at Opus 3 Artists. There has been a lot to learn and to adapt to in a very short period of time, including the following concepts: Rush hour Clocking in Cubicles Business Casual Department Meetings Windows Software Casual Fridays Payday Weekends (SO EXCITING!)

Which you all know, is not exactly how I roll -- but amazingly, I love it. Because my job is to assist the following world-class artists with their program and travel logistics:

Adele Anthony Brooklyn Rider Renaud Capucon Hung-Kuan Chen Barry Douglas James Ehnes Vilde Frang Miriam Fried Kahan Kalhor Gidon Kremer Kuok-Wai Lio Gabriela Montero Peng-Peng Gong Gil Shaham Kyoko Takezawa Daniil Trifonov Krystian Zimerman Itamar Zorman Vienna Boys Choir

Say, for instance, you're going to check out James Ehnes with the Oregon Symphony next weekend, you can know that I coordinated a concise itinerary for James to help make that happen. There's so much going on behind the scenes to make sure an amazing artist can just do his/her thing -- now get out there and support them!