A little help from my friends

At 9:00am on January 13th I got a voicemail from Emi saying "You know there was this horrible, horrible earthquake in Haiti, what if classical rev did a Haiti benefit somewhere?" I was immediately on it, calling and emailing everyone I knew that could help make a spectacular evening of music. In just nine days Toby, Emi and I were able to put together a standing room only concert at the Kennedy School that brought in $4000 for Partners in Health. $4000 is twenty times more than any Classical Revolution PDX concert has ever brought in. I'm overwhelmed by the talent and enthusiasm of my friends, and the generosity of my friends of friends.

Here's what Andrea Murray of All Classical FM had to say about our event: "Just last night, I attended a show in a packed auditorium at the Kennedy School where the chamber musicians of Classical Revolution PDX joined The Dimes, members of the Bach Cantata Choir, Matt Sheehy, James Faretheewell, Sophie Lux, and others for fundraiser that was as moving as it was entertaining. Not only did they raise some much-needed funds, they attracted an audience that was as diverse as any i've seen at a mostly classical program. From little kids, to 20-somethings to seniors, everyone seemed as enthusiastic about Barber's Adagio and movements from quartets by Dvorak and Schubert, as they did about The Dimes, one of Portland's most acclaimed indy-pop bands. This isn't something that happens in every city - classical music being played in casual settings, with pop musicians joining in, for multi-generational audiences. Thanks to Classical Revolution and their friends at Opera Theatre Oregon, Portland Cello Project and others for continuing to help grow the audience for live local music. And thanks to the many great rock, hip-hop and indy musicians who help them break boundaries. "

I can't stop watching this video of our finale, "Get by with the help of my friends" with the Dimes, Classical Revolution, and members of the Opera Theater Oregon and Bach Cantata choirs. (videos by Ralph Hansteen and Emily Franz with sound by Jeff Simmons)